Tuto Wordpress <=> LRS

Hi guys,


Thanks for the quality of your works. Kids who are using H5P love it !

To go further, I' d like to have more details about theirs results.

Do you have a link where I can find how to plug H5P with an LRS ?

I'm using Wordpress and not a informatician , more a passionate guy ;)

Bests Regards


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Someone in the community has just recently created a plugin for that: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-h5p-xapi/

If you test it it would be great if you shared your experience here :)

Thank you for the answer. I m installing it and will get you a feedback :)

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Installing the plugin is very easy and enables to test quickly the xAPI in a LRS.

Unfortunatly, when I use the "H5P Fill in the blanks", I don't find All the statements sent by H5P like "object.definition.correctResponsePattern[n]" or "result.response".

I only get the result score as you can see below.

"result": {
"score": {
"min": 0,
"max": 11,
"raw": 6,
"scaled": 0.5455
"duration": "PT4156.46S"


I asked for the developper; No news for the moment.

To be sure with my comprehension, by default, ALL statements of an H5P exercice are triggered ? 

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Oh... I guess we'll have to look into that plugin and see if we can do something to improve that.

I m not sure of well-understanding the concept : Does H5P normally ("by default") send ALL the statements triggered ? 

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I actually don't know. Nobody in the H5P core team has tested the H5P xAPI plugin yet. Someone else in the community has created it, but we will test it as soon as we have some time at our hands. You probably should direct your questions about that plugin to https://github.com/tunapanda/wp-h5p-xapi