Hiring H5P Developer


Is there a list somewhere of developers experienced in H5P/Wordpress that I could hire? 

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Hi jakemeister,

I'm afraid there isn't, however you can place here what you would like to accomplish and your e-mail address. Someone from the community may contact you to help you with your project.


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Hi Jake!

I am pretty busy right now, but if your request isn't urgent, please feel free to get in touch.


Hello, We need help to develop new h5p content type which we heavily use and also by language teachers across US. IPA - Intergrated Performance Assessment has a standard template for Interpretive Listening and Reading for various proficiency levels. It has 4 sections: keywords, main ideas, supporting details and organizational features. Let us know anyone have bandwidth to work on this new h5p requirement.

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Hi Siva!

I could simply copy my previous answer :-) If it's not urgent, then please have a look at https://snordian.de/ and reach out if you think I might the the right person for your issue.