moodle 3.2 with h5p 1.0r7 video editor and playing problem

Hi All,

I have installed moodle 3.2 and the hp5 plugin 1.0r7 on ubuntu 16.04.

No problem in the installation process.

1. However, when i tried to create h5p content, if I paste a url of a webm file, it is loaded correctly.  However, when I go to Add Interactions, all the buttons in the editor missing labels except T, see the picture h5p-missing-button-labels.png.

2. If i just clicked save and display, I am getting a blank screen with js error in console. see picture h5p-save-display.png.

3. If I tried to create h5p content by uploading a mp4 or webm file as in picture h5p-upload.png, then i am getting video format not supported error as in picture h5p-add-interactions.png

4. If I tried to upload the .h5p file directly, click save and display, then I am getting the error in picture h5p-upload-h5p.png

Based on the console output, it seems like JS problem.

Any suggestion ?  Is this bug in the plugin ? Thx in advance.


Best Regards,


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Hi, pictures are missing here. Could you please add them? *Hard to understand the problem without them.

for some reasons, the screenshots not saved, try to upload again.

I am using Chrome on OSX.

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I have tried to reproduce this, but it is working fine here. I think it is a server setup issue.

Have you made sure to make the moodleData folder readable and writable by your server ? See moodle docs.

It seems like the cachedassets are incomplete or the H5P libraries are not installed properly. You could try clearing the cache for the site and upload the latest H5P library bundle to your server.

Do you get any errors in your php error log ?

- Thomas


I have made chmod - R 777 for both /var/moodledata/ and /var/www/moodle, uninstall and reinstall the plugin, then update the library (as in attached picture), still getting the same thing.  I have also use the development->purge all caches, clear browser cache, try on safari, still the same JS error.

FYI, I am using NGINX 1.10 and php7.0, MariaDB

I have uploaded the test video to for editing, so video is ok.

Any other suggestion ? Thx.

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I also tried to reproduce on a different setup without success. It might be that your server setup is the problem. As far as I know nobody in the core team has tested H5P with PHP 7, or MariaDB. Have tested with NGINX.

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I've just tested with nginx 1.11 mariadb 10.1.18, php 7.0.13 and it is working fine. Make sure nginx is configured to handle slash arguments.

Furthermore I used the latest h5p version: 1.0-rc.7 and the official libraries: official-h5p-release-20170120.h5p.

It is hard to say what is wrong from this information, could you check your php error log for any anomalies ? How is the rest of your Moodle site working ? Is your other modules and pages working fine ?

Is it only Interactive Video that is not working ? Or are none of the H5P libraries working ?

- Thomas


This is a clean install of moodle.  There is error found in the php log.  We are setting it up is mainly to host h5p content.  

We are new to moodle, just set up a new course and trying add h5p content to it.

At the beginning, I have disable the slash argument with the following statements, else no images and css loaded for the moodle site:

select * from `mdl_config` where name like "%slashargument%";

update `mdl_config` set value=0 where name like "%slashargument%";

See attached picture h5p-slashargument1.png

I have tried add the webm file as a file resource in both editor (embeded with video tag) and as just a simple, see picture h5p-files.png

However, only the one with video tag works, but the standalone file has error h5p-files-errors.png

The addition of the following statements in moodle config.php make it worse, more images are missing, see h5p-xsend.png

$CFG->xsendfile ='X-Accel-Redirect';

$CFG->xsendfilealiases =array(






i have also tried in a new vm with php5.6, mysql, apache2 on ubuntu 16.04, however still no luck, with error in installing moodle using command line, moodle-install-error.png

Any suggestion ?  Thx for your help !

after trying different combination, finally I got it work with postgresql 9.5 and php7.0.

The interactive video works perfectly.  The installation seems to have problem with php5.6 (fresh ubuntu 16.04, mysql 5.7, apache 2.4).  

For the previous issue, seems like something wrong with the mysql configuration causing the errors.

Thx for your help :)

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I'm glad to hear that you finally got it working! 

I will do some more testing on different setups to see if I can find any of the issues you ran into.

Regarding a fresh ubuntu 16.04, doesn't that come with php7?

no, i install both php5.6 and 7.0, and tried 5.6 with mysql and can't even install.  

then i read some comments at moodle which said there are some issues with mysql.

so i tried 7.0 with postgresql since someone has tried and 7.0 was working, and it is recommended in 16.04.

my gut feeling is there is problem with mysql setup, it seems to be quite tricky.