Inveractive Video Stuck on "Loading" / Status 508 errors in console

I have newly installed instance of Moodle 3.6 with H5P plugin version 1.17.2. When I click to add new interactive content I see the H5P hub but when I click Interactive video it just gets stuck on "Loading, please wait..." The console log is has status 508 errors. This is happeing on a desktop browser, both Chrome and IE.

Thanks in advance for your insights and help on getting this resolved!


It's always the case that you end up fixing the problem yourself right after posting on a forum, isn't it? :-D

I noticed that my config.php file needed to update the dbtype attribute from mysqli to mariadb (I saw this message on the environment page in the site admin area). After making this change, the H5P seems to be up and running.

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Hi dylancleghorn,

I'm glad itis working now and thank you for getting back to us with your solution :-)