Installing libraries in Moodle


Today the Moodle administrator of the school where I work has upgraded the h5p plugin to its latest version 1.17.2

I was expecting to see the activity 'Speak the words set' but it does not show in the content types list.

Also, when trying to upload some H5P activities using Moodle but I get the message: 'Missing required library H5P'  Any activity I try to upload (the ones created in H5P installed in Wordpress or the ones downloaded from h5p org) brings this message, so I guessed that there are libraries which are not installed??

The administrator of Moodle in my school is not familiar with the h5p plugin and I am trying to explain to him what he needs to do (he's Turkish and cannot understand English so I cannot direct him to your site information posts).

I would appreciate if you could describe to me what exactly the administrator needs to do to install these missing libraries in Moodle. Does he have to go to the Admin page? Can I install the libraries if I don't have access to the Admin page?

Sorry if these are very obvious questions but I cannot really find the answers in the forums as I don't have much knowledge of computers.

Thanks for your help in advance


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Hi Nuria,

Speak the words set has been around for more than a year now so it should be in your list of contents. Furthermore you do not need to manually install the libraries if when uploading a content from as a matter of fact it is a workaround when you are unable to create contents from the HUB. There could be some other factors outside of the plugin that mahy be causing this and for us to know please provide the following:

  1. Moodle version
  2. Any browser console errors
  3. Any PHP errors

The more information you provide, the quicker the community will be able to fix it and the quicker you'll have a working solution!



The h5p plugin has not been updated since the university first installed it, this is probably more than 2 years ago. They updated the plugin at my request because I wanted to use the speak the words set (which I am already using in my WordPress site).

I thought that updating the plugin to its latest version (is it 1.17.2??) would make the new content types to show on the list, but they don't. I can see there are new functionalities though, such as the copy/paste labels on the top right, so the plugin has been definitely updated. 

Because I don't have admin access I don't know what is the Moodle version. I need to ask the administrator for it.

I don't think there are any browser console or php errors. When I try to upload any h5p activity it just gives the message missing libraries. This is also for content types that are already showing in the content types list, such as filling the blank (please check screenshot of the Moodle activity box)This is the message that comes up:

Validating h5p package failed.

Missing required library H5P.Image 1.1Get help

Missing required library H5P.Blanks 1.11Get help

Missing required library H5P.Question 1.4Get help

Missing required library H5P.TextUtilities 1.3Get help

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Hi Nuria,

Now that you mentioned that you do not have any administrator access the reason why you are getting this error message is that you do not have the rights to update the libraries, you will need your to ask your administrator to update the libraries. To do this he needs to either go to the H5P hub and click on update for the content types or download the sample contents from 

Since there are at least 30 content types it's best to start with Column, Course Presentation and Quiz (Question Set). This brings over all the libraries for contents that you can insert within it.


Thanks for your comment, now I understand that  I couldn't see the get/update buttons in the content type drop-down list because I don't have admin access. I told the administrator what to do and he has downloaded the libraries successfully.

Thanks for your help.