viewing images in h5p


Hello I've been working on an implementation of h5p into a website of mine and it seems I've hit a wall. While I've managed to "view" content there seems to be a problem with images(probably videos and audio files as well though I haven't tested them yet). Using the instructions of the guide and the php library from , I've managed to view content by loading some specific js files(jquery.js, h5p.js, h5p-event-dispatcher.js, h5p-x-api.js, h5p-x-api-event.js, h5p-action-bar.js, h5p-content-type.js) from the library, then the preloaded ones. So far there wasn't any problem until I've tried to view content with images where it loaded "can't load image". (it was from a course-presentation package I created in the h5p site using the can't load image text in case the image doesn't load). The console debugger of firefox doesn't say anything is missing and I'm simply wondering whether or not this is my site's error or I haven't loaded the correct js files.

Any suggestions?