Images/background images in course presentations


I've been using h5P for ages and love it but I've had a consistent problem with images. 

Apparently, images should retain their original dimensions when i resize them but this doesnt happen. 

As an alternative i considered adding the images as background  images on the slides but Im not able to add a background image to course presentations (i thought this became an option in an update a while back?). 

Any advice on why its being funny and how i can fix it?

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What system are you on, WordPress, Drupal or Moodle?
First, please ensure that you're in fact running the latest version of both the plugin and the content types. The version of the content types, e.g. Course Presentation, can be checked on your local H5P Libraries page.

You are correct, you should be able to change the background image of presentations.
Perhaps you could include a screenshot of the presentation editor? Or you could verify that it looks the same as when you try to create presentations here, on

Oh wow, that totally fixed it! I had been updating the plugin but not the library. Whoops. Thanks so much for the advice!

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Ah, it's great to hear that you managed to solve the issue!