Keeping our work here?!?!?

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As with many good things, they soon end.  What is the stability of storing our work in this environment for our learning management systems?  We are not using Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal for our delivery of content.   The embeds work in the LMS but would it work best for an educational institution to set up a wordpress site to develop the various projects in H5P then embed from there.  We would take a big hit if you suddenly took your site down or changed the access structure?   I eagerly await some contact on this.


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Nice picture, I miss my dog :)

We only have a test drive feature on If you include big videos that you host here on you risk that the content is deleted. We normally only delete content with big videos that are clearly test content, but to be safe you should host the video files on YouTube or somewhere else. In the future it won't be possible to store videos here unless you pay a fee for hosting them here, we're having trouble with users filling our hard drives with videos and that is very unpractical in many ways. It takes some time to upgrade to bigger disks with our current setup.

Also we don't make any promises regarding stability or downtime. We off course want to be up and running all the time, and in practice we haven't had any downtimes so far except when we update the site, and this process is automated and only takes like 5 seconds before the site is up again, but we can't give you any formal guarantees. We also have multiple backups so if anything happens we normally will be able to recover you content as long as it doesn't take weeks before you notices that something have gone wrong.