Third-Party Cookies Disabled - H5P in Safari (Send Score to LMS )


We have used H5P successfully in our LMS without issue, but one of our users is now reporting that:

1) when they view an H5P quiz which is tied to Brightspace LMS's Grades area


Then they get this message:

"Third-Party Cookies Disabled. Your browser is preventing third-party cookies from being stored. This means that we're unable to authenticate you automatically and display content. You can try to manually authenticate using the button below but if you see this screen again it means you have to change your browser settings for this content to work." Then a button asking them to "Authenticate"

I can duplicate this experience, and I know this is a default-browser security setting but is there no way to configure H5P on the back-end, in terms of its LTI integration, so this cookie is not a 3rd-party cookie? i.e. so it delivers as a D2L cookie? Or is there some other solution? 

Otherwise, I suspect our dev team may find the messaging will be too off-putting and confusing for some of our users, effectively disabling our ability to use H5P LMS integration, which is a valued feature.