Drupal8 : It is possible to create or edit H5P Content types in drupal8.



Can any one help me how can I create or edit H5P Content types in drupal8. I have created a development folder in /sites/default/files/h5p/ and added a H5P click to reveal content type but it is not showing in the Course presentation.

Content types: 
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Development is still restricted to drupal 7.

It is not possible in Drupal8?

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Hi Raghav,

As Papi Jo mentioned development is restricted to Drupal 7. But it should be possible to make the changes using the development mode of Drupal 7 and force Drupal 8 to use the libraries (Papi Jo correct me if I'm wrong). You can create the changes in Drupal 7 making sure that the version number of the libraries are higher than what it currently is. Once the changes are done and tested you can create sample content and upload it in Drupal 8.

A word of caution if you do this, if there is an update to the contents it will overwrite your previous changes and you would have to either rewrite your code or replace the libraries in Drupal 8 by adjusting the version number. This could in turn cause you not to be able to use the new features that comes with the official release as well as bug fixes.




 Thank you for your reply. As I understand I need to create a another version in Libraries folder.

For Example : in Libraries folder Interactive video1.20 available then if I need to update then need to create Interactive video1.21.

Please correct me If I am wrong.


is there any work around available to create / update H5p libraries in drupal8 it self.

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Hi Raghav,

Yes to your previous question. There is another way is to use the h5p pack command which you can install by running the npm install -g h5p. These documentation should provide you with more details.