Library Modification



I'm looking to do a few modifications to h5p libraries such as adding a play button CTA to the video library, or a toggle to move the course presentation progress bar to the top of the slides.

I've got a local dev env set up which is working well and I currently have local branches set up for my modifications but was wondering if you are interested in allowing dev access. 

I'm not sure of your standard dev cycle either but the node based h5p tool seems to favour cloning the existing repos rather than forking them and creating pull requests.

No worries if this is something that isn't of interest but I thought I would ask, 

Cheers, Tomm 

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Right now most H5P libraries are created by Joubel, hopefully this will change soon. We know there are others in the community who have created H5P content types, but we're waiting for them to be shared.

Course Presentation is created by Joubel, and Joubel prefers pull requests. Please let me know how the CLI can be improved to support this workflow and we'll look into it! If you prefer providing patches we can work with that as well. We normally wait a bit with providing developer access so that we feel that we know the people who have commit access :)