Exporting H5P content into a text document

Hi, is there a way to export H5P content into a text document?

I am creating a series of quizzes and want to show them to someone else to review. I would like to send them a text document to just reivew all the questions together instead of making them go onto my website and click through each page and go through each quiz one by one.

Is there any way to export the quizzes into a text document like this?

Thank you!!

exporting quizzes to text file
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No, you can't really export the content to text, unless you are using a content type  with a textual edtior (Question Set with multiple choice).

- Tom

So, for the questions that have a textual editor (Question Set with multiple choice) - how can I export those?

Thank you!

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Just click the textual tab, and you will get a textual representation of the questions.




- Tom

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I have run in to the same problem. Mind you, I have been creating the quizzes in Word to begin with (I love that I can select the test words with asterisks and alternative acceptably correct answers and hints, all in Word too), but there are always edits that you want to make after the quiz has been published and it's easier at that point to make the changes in the h5p version, in media res.

But then I need an updated release in Word so I can build the learning experience, going forward, appropriately.

Solution?  Learn to make those media res edits in Word -- where I have been using Line Numbers and Page Breaks to great effect. Plus: keeping track of recursive edits with highlighting, in Word, might be my next new optimization strategy.

I hope that other people will share their workflow issues and solutions in this wonderful forum.

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