'speak the word' in iphone Chrome showing error..


I was trying to load voice recognition feature (speak the words) on Chrome from iphone but I am getting this error although I am using the chrome.


The error page that I am trying to load is actually this page - https://h5p.org/speak-the-words

I have done factory reset for the phone and download the latest version Chrome (75.0.03770.103)
I am using iphone 6 plus with software version 12.3.1.
Is there anything I need to update on ios to make this work? Please render your expertise here.

Thank you.

speak the word, chrome, ios
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Hi futureyoon,

Chrome in iOS devices uses the core files of Safari. In effect you are actually using Safari with a Chrome skin.


having the same problem, is there any workaround on that?


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Hi fajarananda,

I'm afraid there are no workarounds (not that I know of). The only way for this to get resolved is either Safari supports the API that H5P uses for Speak the Words or Apple lets other browser use their own rendering engine.