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I've recently installed Drupal 7 and H5P on a shared host for testing purposes. The installation seemed to go well, including adding the content type libraries. I can create and view h5p content on the site - however trying to download the .h5p file I don't get a file to download - instead weird encoding replaces the activity.


 I'm having embed issues too but I believe that is because I'm trying to embed a non-secure (http://) iframe in a secure (https://) site.

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When you go to http://garethtucker.com.au/h5p/sites/default/files/h5p/exports/example-drag-and-drop-1.h5p you'll see an internal server error in your console. Seems that the favicon request is triggering it. Don't know if that may be the cause. Does not seem to be caused by H5P.

Hi!  I'm getting this same issue at http://longhornlearning.us  at the Naming Files link.  Any outcome on this?  The only error I am getting is a tmp delete error, and I'm guessing it is because the download file isn't created in the first place...  Any ideas?  

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This is because the web server does not say what content it's returning and browser thinks it's text so it tries to display it to the user. I see that you're both using NGINX. Adding the following to your /etc/nginx/mime.types file should fix the issue:

application/x-h5p                       h5p;

Thanks icc!  That did the trick.  My cpanel hosting required it to be entered under Mime Tyoes.  

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I'm glad you managed to solve the issue :-)