Twitter user feed not linking to specified user


It seems that when you use the Twitter user feed content type, regardless of which Twitter user you specify, it will default back to @TwitterAPI

This was first discovered by one of our users on our Moodle site but I have now confirmed that it also affects activities created directly on

Presumably something has changed on the Twitter API.

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Hi Richard,

I'm afraid you are correct Twitter discontinued support for this API which makes this content type unusable.


Any updates on a new widget or config to use this feature?

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Hi mdlasure,

I'm afriad not unless Twitter reenable the API that H5P uses for this content type we won't be able to use this feature. Additionally the H5P core team have decided to avoid using APIs from other services as much as possible to avoid having such issues in the future. So even if Twitter has a replacement API or developing one it is very unlikely that the developers in the core team will develop a content that will use it.