H5P is moving forward

Four different companies I know of is creating H5P libraries as we speak. The Norwegian Digital learning arena, the biggest e-learning web-site for education in Norway is creating lots of H5P content every day.

We've created a screencast for H5P, and received a lot of positive feedback from those who have seen it.

We've got several content types in place, Interactive video has got a final design in place both in the editor and the viewer. The course presentation has a temporary design, a final design is right around the corner.

The H5P Drupal integration is almost complete. We're adding the security layer to H5P core now. With the security layer in place, we'll release a release candidate for Drupal. A new customer who uses Joomla has also ordered H5P. An H5P extension for Joomla will be created the next weeks.

The documentation for H5P will be greatly improved this summer/fall. Other things that will happen is detailed in our updated roadmap. Exciting days ahead :)