H5P & Moodle without internet access


My organisation is using Moodle and has plans to implement H5P. Our Moodle/H5P system will run on an internal network and for security reasons, this network will not have internet access. Is it possible to install, activate and use H5P on such a network?  At present, the H5P plug-in does not work as it is trying to register etc (generating error messages).

If / when we get it running on a standalone network, is there a way to manually download H5P content and load it into our system.



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Hi John!

H5P in general does not require an internet connection in order to work, so you can run it in a separate network. However, you will have to deactivate the H5P Hub in the settings. This will result in just having a plain select field for choosing the content type to edit, and you will also have to take care of content type updates yourself. The most convenient way probably would be to install a system with internet connection and the Hub enabled, to get all the content types that should be used, and then to deactivate the Hub and cut the internet connection. If you want to do it the hard way, you will have to get the libraries that you want from github, build them, install them via the library page, etc.


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Hi John,

I agree with Oliver. I too am using MAMP+Moodle+H5P as a test site. It works without any issues as long as I already have all the libraries installed. If you decide to go with Oliver's suggestion of Installing the libraries with an internet connection I suggest to install the more complicated content types first (Column, Course Presentation, Question Set to name a few), these content types brings over all the libraries of the content types that are embedded within them. This should help you install all the libraries much faster.