Creating and Cloning Content - WordPress Users

For those using Wordpress, are you creating H5P content via your WP dashboard or on  My questions are:

  • If you create the content within WP, how do you clone your content?  I don't see a "clone" button.
  • If you create your content on, can you use an embed code to use it on your WP site, or do you have to download the .hp5 file and then upload it?
  • Is there any benefit or added features of creating the content on vs. from within your WP site?
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Hi gsimo, 

I'm just going to answer your questions one by one:

  • There isn't a clone button on Wordpress for H5P's yet. You will have to download and then reupload your H5P content to clone it. 
  • If you create content on you cand embed it onto your Wordpress site just as you would with a youtube video. You will have to enable iframe embedding first. You can also download and upload the .h5p files as well if you want them locally.
  • I would recommend creating H5P content types on your own site, it may require a bit more work with regards to keeping the plugin up to date but you will have more control over your content. There are around 3000 Wordpress sites actively using H5P so it's quite stable at this point. 

Hi Tim, 

Thanks for the feedback.  Is there a feature request or (github request) already submitted for the "WP clone button" or would you like me to create one?

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There are a few outstanding requests for a clone button. There isn't an ETA for it yet but hopefully someone from the community could contribute the code. 

I made interactive book and click clone? and now it is not played how I can remove this clone

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Hi Sandalina,

Cloning will never cause this problem. Please double check if you hanve an empty chapter in the original Interactive Book activity. If so either you delete that chapter or place an activity within it.