Content ownership and Privacy Policy

Dear forum,


I am new to the whole WordPress universe and h5p and I have a couple of questions regarding content and privacy: 


  1. Who owns the content created with a h5p plugin for WordPress? I didn’t find any specific information that I will own the content I created.
  2. Who will be able to access the content, created with the plugin, that is embedded on my private hosted WordPress website - anyone or just persons who are allowed access (who are logged in)?
  3. Does the h5p plugin for WordPress collect/store/send any personal information to h5p? 
  4. Is there a privacy policy that refers solely to the plugin? The privacy policy available at states that data may be processed “that are provided in the course of the use of our services ("service data"). The service data may include the content that you provided us with as an author, e.g. your voice for speech recognition...”. Does this only refer to the services available at and carried out via the website or is this also true for the plugin?

Thank you for you support and kind regards,


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Hi Martin!

1) You own what you create.

2) Normal WordPress rules apply. If you include H5P content into a public page or post, it will be publicly available. If you put it on a protected page or post, only people who have access to that page/post will be able to see it. However, you should disable the embed feature for content if you don't want your content to be publicly available, because the file structure scheme is public and people could "guess" URLs to content.


4) The privacy policy of applies to, not to your server and the H5P plugin that you use there. It's rather that you should be aware that you may be liable for using personal data of others, cmp.



Perfect, thank you!