Question Regarding creation of certain kind of e-learning content.



I would like to ask if it is possible to create content with your tools, which has the same structure as those tasks shown 

in the pictures below: 

The first picture shows . 

1. The first picture is showing a task, where you have to listen to an audiofile and you are given three different pictures. 

You have to click on the picture, which is matching the situation in the audiofile. 

2. In the second picture you can see another task, where there is picture and a couple of words which descripe the picture. 

you have to bring the words in a correct order, so that they are building a sentence which descripes the picture correctly. 


Would that be possible to create with the tools you have here? 


Kind regards 


Malte Schuldt




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Hi Malte,

You should check this sample content content. It is a content created using Interactive Video wherein the video is a series of images. Feel free to download it and upload into your account to check the settings. What's missing in this example is your 2nd question which can be achieved by adding a "Find the Words" activity inside the video.