h5p on Wordpress Multisite subsite

Hello knowledgeable h5pers!  I'm having some issues with h5p and I'd like some ideas on the best way to get things working and happy again.

I had a SINGLE wp install that we turned into a multisite (subdomain).  I moved learndash and h5p to the subsite.  Unfortunately, NONE of the h5p modules are working on the subsite.  When I check them on the main site, all are there and working.  When I check them on the subsite, the LIST is present, however when loading an individual h5p, it says "unabletocopy" an throws a bunch of js errors.

The subsite is a copy of the main site, so all of the h5p IDs are already inserted into lessons etc.  Ideally, I would like it to "work" on both sites, however the subsite is the priority.  Any ideas on how to proceed?



Display h5p on multisite subsite

Following this, I started uploading example content to the subsite and then rebuilding libraries and cache. this worked for most content types, however some (example memory game) didn't seem to work.  By adding define('H5P_DISABLE_AGGREGATION', true); to wp-config.php things started working again.  can I go into MY-SITE/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/h5p/cachedassets and delete everything there?  Will it rebuild all the caches so I can remove the line from my config file?