Libraries not updating

I'm trying to update the h5p libraries to the latest version but it seems nothing happens.

I'm running a moodle 3.1 installation and have updated the h5p plugin from version RC 1.07 to version 1.0. The plugin update worked fine.

On the h4p libraries page I see:

you are running 2017-02-14

available update 2017-03013

So I downloaded the file for all content types (official-h5p-release-20170313.h5p) and put it in the select file field on the update libraries page. The I click upload but nothing visible changes. There is still the message

you are running 2017-02-14

available update 2017-03013

And the blue arrows next to the contntn types are also still there.

When I check the server I can see in the moodledata/temp directory a folder hvp-58c7.....

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance



I had the same issue in Moodle 3.1. Am now on 3.2 and still have it. The upgrade process seem to work at first but the old version remains active as you explained. My solution has been to install the zip file manually in the hvp folder from the control panel. The plugin upgrades when you return to Moodle. However, the last 2 times, all folder and file permissions (in the control panel) were changed to 0777 and had to be changed back to 0775 and 0644. 

There is also an hvp-58c7..... in moodledata/temp. 

 After changing the permissions I add the most recent libraries through the Moodleh5p libraries page. This time though, none of the arrows prompted an update.  If they do, I click on it and sometimes select a version if prompted. Have you clicked on the colored arrows?

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Hi, please check that your server has write and read permissions to your Moodle data folder and to the modules folder when updating.

Also try uploading the library manually from Please also check if your browser console or your server error log has any error messages that may be relevant.

On my end, the server has the appropriate permissions. I just found lots of hvp folders in the moodledata/temp folder on the development site.

Thanks for your replies.

The webserver has read&write access both to moodledata and to moodle/mod and its subfolders. Even tried to put this all to 777. Nothing changes.

The webserver error log is empty. In the console (Firefox) I get: Empty String passed to getElementById()  jquery-1.12.1.min.js:23:1506 

What do you mean with uploading maually? Should I put the official-h5p-release-20170313.h5p file on the Server, then where? 

To check a bit moe, I tried to uload the personality quiz only, which was not in the list, that resulted in the info 2(or so) libraries added and afterwards this content type is usable.

Why didn't it come with the complete package is it not contained? Could it help to upload all content types one by one?

Is there a chance to see, which versions of the libraries are outdated? I added the library verions I see installed as attachment.

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By uploading manually I mean followin the process described for your plugin on the page.
Personality Quiz is not included in the official H5P package because it is not an official H5P library, it is created by the community, namely Lumenia, so you have to download that library and any other non-official libraries separately.

There is no easy way to see which libraries are outdated at the moment, you would have to compare with the latest version at, however the H5P Core team is working on a system for improving this currently.

Hi Thomas, thanks for your info.That is exactly the way I tried to install the libraries.

Regarding the outdated question I pasted some additional info in my post from this morning (which for some reason appears below yours). It seems all libraries are up to date (compared to a fresh installation), just the system still gives me the message they are not.

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Hi again,
It is hard to say what is going wrong for you here. I have created an issue for investigating this further:

Please let us know if you make any progress here or would like to specify the issue more in detail.

Hi Thomas, 

thanks you for your support. If I find out something more, I will inform you. 

In case you need specific information or if I should try something, please tell. 

For testing I created a completely new Moodle installation on the same server and installed h5p. These are the differences I can see:

in the h5p libraries page of the old installation:

  • there is the "Update All Libraries" section showing with

You are running    2017-02-14
Available update   2017-03-13

  • in the library list the column "Instance dependencies" is completely empty (in the new installation there is 0 everywhere)
  • all libraries in the list are the same and have the same version. The only difference are the additional 2 libraries from the personality quiz I installed on the old page.

From that I would guess, that the libraries got updated, but for some reason the system doesn't see it.

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It sounds like your libraries aren't being updated correctly for some reason. If you add the following to your config.php in Moodle before trying to upgrade this may help indicate where the error lies:

@error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);
@ini_set('display_errors', '1');
$CFG->debug = (E_ALL | E_STRICT);
$CFG->debugdisplay = 1;
$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = 1;


Hi icc,

sorry, it took a bit longer. I added your code to the moodle config.php file and tried again to update the libraries by uploading the official-h5p-release-20170313.h5p file on the h5p libraries site. This time it took a bit longer and afterwards it stated 90 H5P libraries updated also there are now values shown in the instance dependencies column, which was completely empy before. 

Nevertheless, it still shows the notification

Update All Libraries

There are updates available for your H5P content types. You can read about why it's important to update and the benefits from doing so on the Why Update H5P page. The page also list the different changelogs, where you can read about the new features introduced and the issues that have been fixed.

You are running        2017-02-14

Available update      2017-03-13

In the nginx error log I found only one entry, which is not related to h5p. 



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Good, it sounds like the libraries should be up-to-date now. I see that this message doesn't disappear when you update manually – like you did now. It's safe to ignore the message but you should be able to make it go away by pressing the download & update button below the message.

Be sure to remove the code you added to config.php.

Great, thank you.

Just one thing: there is no download&update button.

It shows the text "You can use the button below to automatically download and update all of your content types." but there is no button below. The only thing I see is the select file option and the upload button belonging to it. 

Sure, removing was first thing I did :-) 

Do you have any idea, why it worked now? Besides the config.php modification I didn't do anything different than before.

A nice weekend to all of you


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That is very strange as this is just a regular Moodle form. Which version of Moodle are you running? 

I've attached a screenshot of how it should look.

Yes it is very strange. The moodle version is: Moodle 3.1.5 (Build: 20170313)

I did some additional testing and it seems it has something to do with the theme. 

Normally I use Essential as theme. So for testing I tried to remove all custom CSS stuff, which made no difference.

Then switched to More theme and the missing button appeared. After clicking on it also the libraries not up to date part disappeared.


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Great, I will change the issue to having a look at the theme to see if there are any adjustments that can be made through our plugin.

Fine, many thanks for your help. If I discover something interesting, I will post it here

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Great, thanks!