H5p and Cornerstone integration

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me if theres an issue with H5p and Cornerstone editor?

Today Ive downloaded the H5P plugin on my Wordpress site. Installation seemed to go no problem. Followed instructions through the process of adding my interactive content through the plugin. All working fine. Took the embed code to the page I want to place it on. Im using cornerstone editor. But none of the elements seem to accept the embed code through Cornerstone. I just get a thin line where the interactive content should be.

Can anyone tell me if Im A. Doing something wrong. Or B. If theres a particular element in the editor that I should use, or C. Is there integration issues?


Thanks for any help.



H5P vs. Cornerstone
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Hi Paul915,

Please check if you have any errors in the browser console, this should give you a hint on what may be causing the issue. I am unable to install Cornerstone in my Wordpress (not sure yet why) which hinders me from trying to reproduce the issue you mentioned above.



Hi there, Thanks for the reply. I've actually solved it now. The embed wasn't showing in the editor except for a thin line as mentioned. However, I finally realised that when looking at the preview of the page (its currently in draft) that the embed comes up just fine.


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Hi Paul,

I'm glad it is working for you. If you have other questions feel free to post in the forums.