Moodle issues 3.6.6 with latest stable version of hvp

hi, in moodle 3.6.6

any theme

using latest version on stable:

$plugin->requires = 2013051403;$plugin->cron = 0;$plugin->component = 'mod_hvp';$plugin->maturity = MATURITY_STABLE;

$plugin->release = '1.19.1';

$plugin->version = 2019081600;

i'm getting an odd UI layout - see attached.

some fontawesome icons seem to be missing.

can't seem to add a content type.

it seems to only be interactive video content type with the issue above. i've updated, reset things, cache etc to no avail. 

i've updated h5p plugin to 1.19.1 in another dev env on 3.6.4 and had no issues. 

could possibly be files missing from the 3.6.6 env but not sure.

not getting any obvious errors in log (other than missing files, but that's normal in this environment) or in browser console.

Uncaught TypeError: H5P.GuidedTour is not a constructor is one though. 

interactive video now working as expected.

no errors with the tour js now - not sure what changed to clear the error.