Change aspect ratio of viewer?

I work for an e-learning site and I'm evaluating using the course presentation format as a fallback for users who cannot load our existing flash-based and HTML5 based interactive review sections. Because the users who report trouble with loading the review sections are almost entirely iPad-based, it would be ideal if we could design the course presentations in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

I tried looking through the documentation but didn't find anything directly related to changing the aspect ratio of the course presentation content type. Surely there must be a way? Other content types do not appear to have a fixed aspect ratio.

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I'm afraid the aspect ratio of the Course Presentation is quite fixed :/ Everything is possible, but it hasn't been designed to be easy to change the aspect ratio of it. There are constant in code for the ratio, and it might be that changing that does a lot in terms of achieving what you want, but I'm afraid you'll have to struggle a bit to achieve this.