Value of an open text entry interaction

Does anyone else see value in an open text entry interaction?

I think that this would be useful. Open text entry can be helpful in getting learners to reflect on something they have experienced or been presented with. For example, "Why do you think person in the video responded in that way?" or "What might have caused the machine to stop?". 

A simple open text entry box would be useful but it would be even more useful if on clicking it could present some prewritten text. For example, the user sees...

....."Why do you think person in the video responded in that way? (Type your ideas in the box)"

After entering their text and clicking a layer appears with pre written text.

....."The person in the video probably responded in that way because they felt valued and motivated by the conversation."

The presentation of pre-written text could be an option enabling the content creator to use it or not as appropriate.

Any thoughts about the value or this, or has anyone found a work around before we try to develop something?


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Sounds very, very useful. If it is xAPI enabled as well it could be used in a lot of contexts. Happy to help on this if stumble into some problems.