Course Presentation unqiue zoom out when clicking slides


I don't know if this is a bug or something I caused but I have something like a zoom problem with h5p course presentation.

  1. I created a course presentation in h5p and uploaded an interactive video (no youtube video). Then I inserted a Drag & Drop Question and clicked "done". Now if you run the video until the question pops up you can click on the blue slide under the video to zoom it out. The problem is not caused when using youtube links instead of an own video.
  2. Platform: Moodle 3.6 but even self created elements on
  3. Desktop
  4. Browser: Firefox
  5. H5P 1.17.2
  6. Course Presentation
  7. /
  8. /
  9. Look below (Second screen is after clicking the blue slide)
  10. No changes to environment
  11. No changes in browser

Hope this helps to understand my problem.

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Hi esor,

Thank you for reporting this. I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.