h5p content created in moodle

I am using a Moodle course with the H5P plugin. If I create H5P content on Moodle, it seems there is no option to get an embed code. Although I wdon't need an embed code for moodle since we have the plugin, it is still useful. E.g., I may want to embed the h5p content on another site or blog. Also I've noticed that is is much fasted to edit h5p content on the h5p website (rather than on moodle) - so I am wondering - can I upload h5p content into my account on the h5p website (in order to keep it there for turute editing, and for using its embed code?). Thanks! 


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As far as I remember, the way moodle stores files prevents an easy way to give access to them unless you're logged in. That's why there's no option for embedding (yet?).

And no. You can create content on the H5P website for being shared, but you cannot upload it.

thanks for the speedy reply!