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h5p is an amazing tool and xAPI coverage is well explained too, but how to build a tincan package to import it into an LMS (with an LRS)?.

For example, I have installed wordpress with H5P plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/h5p/) and I can create and delivery new H5P content But now I want to export this content to a Tincan Package in order to import it to my LMS (which has a LRS inside). From my point of view, my tincan.xml file should be something like this and H5P content should get LRS end Point and credentials from the LMS when the content is launched from the LMS.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<tincan xmlns="http://projecttincan.com/tincan.xsd">
        <activity id="http://mysite/mycontent" type="http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/module">
            <description lang="en-US">mycontent</description>
            <launch lang="en-us">http://mywpsite/mycontent</launch>
</tincan>Perhaps a button "Create Tincan package for this content"

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To be hones I've heard TinCan package and tincan.xml being mentioned several times, but I've never been able to find the spec for it. Haven't been looking too hard either. Is there an official spec for this somewhere?

I actually think and hope that in the future the preferred xAPI package format will be .h5p.

If there is a spec we'll consider creating a TinCan package export.


You can read about it here:


I understand you because Tincan content doesn't need to be launched from the LMS in order to send tracking to a LRS but most of times you need to launch it from an LMS because you need to know the LRS endpoint which you have to send the tracking


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Thanks a lot. Is this something Rustichi has created that isn't really part of xAPI by ADL, but that gets used a lot anyway?
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xAPI (tincan) only covers the reporting of "statements" and their storing in "LRS", it is not cover the package launch process,

This is what CMI-5 is all about. https://github.com/AICC/CMI-5_Spec_Current

"cmi5 is a "profile" for using the xAPI specification with traditional learning management (LMS) systems."

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Thank you for sharing!
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We will consider adding a TinCan package export when we've learned more about TinCan packages.

Yes, This is not part of tincan especification but, from my point of view is very useful, Note that tincan is not an especification, CMI5 will be.