Server not getting parameters from H5P after the update

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Hello H5P team! How are you doing? :)

I have been using your platform for more than 2 years now, I started using plugin which I host on my wordpress website.
I haven't updated it for a year or so, because I was worried it will mess up the content I have. Than I found out that librarires will stay the same after update so the content will work and I decided to update to most recent version: 1.14.1.

Here the problems emerged, my devs are reporting that they can't get parms as before. Do you know what the issue is? Here are more details:
I use H5P xAPI plugin to collect data that users input in interactive courses and save them on my server. However that stopped working.

My devs say:
previously if we pass params to h5p url like this:[email protected]&item_type...
at xAPI Endpoint URL
We got this params in JSON and make relation between h5p content and user, server, app .. etc.
After the update we are not getting this data anymore.

Do you know what's happening, do you need more details from my side?

Thank you so much, looking forward to solving this issue :).

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Nothing should have changed in this regard. Are you able to get some more information on the error message? Perhaps the error_log or some debugging.