Fill in the blanks - using a forward slash as part of the answer

I'm attempting to create a short maths quiz with fill in the blanks. The question is about converting decimals to fractions, so I want to write:

0.25 = *1/4*

But I know then my answer will be translated as '1 or 4' 

Is there any way round this? Or better maths support for this use case?

Thanks in advance

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I quickly read through the relevant code, and we don't seem to support any escape characters. I've made an issue for this now. Thank you for reporting! This thread will be updated once this is fixed, but it might take some time since it is a rare use case.

Sorry, I know it was a while ago - but thanks for getting back to me on this and making an issue :)

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This really needs to be implemented. A simple escape character is essential.

I'm using H5P for understanding standards documents and the forward slash is common in ISO and AS standards.



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I don't know if this is helpful 4 years later but a work around could simply be writing:

0.25 = *1* / *4*