Slides are appearing in Shrinked form on wordpress

I am importing images to individual slides on Course Presentation and want to resize them to the entire size of slide. However, not able to do this on wordpress. I have tried doing it on the official h5p site and they are working just fine there. Moreover, if I create the presentation slides on and download from there and try to upload on h5p wordpress even then I am facing the same issue. Any idea how this can be resolved?

Please see the attached image for reference error.

The following are the versions:

WordPress 5.2.4Course Presentation (1.21.2)Course Presentation Editor (1.21.1) H5P Version 1.14.1
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Hi  toobamukhtar,

Can you please provide a link to a content here in that when downloaded to Wordpress exhibits this issue. I tried creating a content but I can't see what you described above.