End user registration

Hi there! I am new on H5P. I have four questions please:

  • Is H5P a LMS too? 
  • Can I register end-users? If so, how do I do so? 
  • How I can create a personalised interface or page for each registered end-user?
  • If it exists, how do the exercices I specifically alloted to them appear? 
  • How can I assign exercices to individual end-users? 

Many thanks for your help


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Hi Nathalie :)

Answers to your questions:

  • H5P isn't an LMS, just a plugin for LMSs. H5P is all about content and we let all the existing LMSs and CMSs handle the rest.
  • You can register them in the platforms we support, currently Wordpress or Drupal.
  • You have to do that in Wordpress or Drupal. If you want to pursue this you should ask in Wordpress or Drupal forums.
  • Same as above. H5P doesn't handle that either as we only focus on being able to create richer interactive content with existing platforms. We will be supporting more and more platforms as we move along.

You can also try out the Drupal LMS Opigno which has H5P integrated and all the features you are asking for. (This is not created by the H5P Community and has it's own forum)

Thanks for the info. I get it now. I have installed H5P as well as S2 Membership on my Wordpress website. I'll see how far I can get. I love H5P's design and its wide variety of interactive content.


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