Adding interactive video on LMS


I am new here and I have some bacis questions.

We are implementing a new LMS based in salesforce called PATH LMS and we would like to use interactive videos for all of courses. Currently each course has 9 modules and each module supposed to be an 20 min interactive video (video with multiple choise questions). Can I use H5P in this case and if I use H5P to create the interactive video, where would it be stored?



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Hi Sunny,

I think will be perfect for you. In terms of where the contents will be stored, they will be stored in's database.


Hi, Do you think H5P is sufficient for interactive webinars or can you just upload interactive videos?


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Hi grabbetts,

There is a vast selection of content types that you can choose from. Which should let you create lessons, quizzes, presentations as well as use in webinars.