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I am new on this forum. I switch to H5P for using it with my Moodle K12-school .

I would like to know what are the best practices to create H5P content reposirory for using in Moodle ?

Do i have to create them directly on Moodle activities themselves or upload them from a central repository ? 



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Actually, you could do both, but it's probably simpler if you create new content in moodle. After installing the H5P plugin, you can add content by choosing "interactive content" from the "activities" menu.



Hi Oliver,

Create content in Moodle can be a solution but in my case i want to integrate embed H5P activities created outside Moodle.

What do i need if i want to create H5P content outside moodle and neither in ?


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If you neither want to use nor moodle, you'd have to find or create a Wordpress environment or Drupal environment that you can use to create the content there and embed it in moodle afterwards. Sounds pretty non-intuitive to me though.