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my question is : can i use the H5P with asp.net or not ?? and if yes , how would i make this ??

You would have to create a version of the H5P backend in ASP.net, but if you do most parts of H5P is javascript and all current and future H5P content types will work in the ASP version.

Our vision is to have H5P integrations for all major plattforms and languages and ASP.net is high on the list, but it is still behind Wordpress, Moodle and a few other PHP plattforms. We hope that new community members will step up and take responsibility for some of the plattform integrations.

Is there any news on this subject? I have some sites where I'd like to integrate H5P but these are on ASP.NET.
In case there's nothing new, can you provide an outline on what would be required to make this compatible with ASP.NET?
I've checked on Github and I see a couple projects there. Is the project "h5p-php-library" the only one that would need to be converted?
Maybe if you could provide some outline of the overall process we can help on the effort.

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I don't think there has been any action here.

To create a .net version of H5P you need to port h5p-php-library and if you want the editor as well you'll need to port h5p-editor-php-library. In addition you'll need implement an interface between the generic H5P code and any CMS you'll be using.

We haven't created documentation for this yet, but if you're ready to go ahead and start working on it we're happy to support you in any way we can including writing documentation "How to port H5P to new programming languages" and support you on the forum, through e-mail, Skype etc.

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Hello, I have worked with several lms and I see the current usefulness and potential, I have decided to port the library to https://github.com/h5p/h5p-php-library .net, I suppose there will be prior work?

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Can I access the documentation How to port H5P to new programming languages?