Account question


If we sign up for a account (1-3 users) can we use that embed code in both public and private websites?

We want to able to use embed codes on our public facing website BUT also in subject Moodle sites. The reason for this is we want to be able to edit resources from our account. We do not always have access to subject Moodle sites, we want to be able to add the embed code to a subject Moodle site and then further down thet track, if we need to edit that resource (change some text/replace video etc), we want to be abe to do it from our account. 
Even though we currently have the Moodle plugin, this requires we log into each and every Moodle site to make changes. We want to be able to make global changes.

Will this work with a account?


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Hi Nick,

Yes these will work with an account. You can make the changes to the content directly in which will reflect whenever you have it embedded. On top of this you can set contents to be viewed only on websites that you set in your whitelist. This way your contents are not publicly published.


Fantastic, thanks