Bugs on interactive video layers

Hi support,

I have a problem during making interactive video.
I placed pictures on the background without making links to timecode and url and after that I put a navigation point layer in front which do the navigation to timecode and urls. After I clicked on Save/Refresh, the layer of the Navigation point went t the background and I couldn't click on it.

To solve this problem now I put links on the pictures as well, but when I click on the link on the pictures the webpage navigate me to the top of the webpage. So I see two solutions from your side:

- solve the saving option with not putting the navigation point to the background after saving
- solve the picture navigation with not go to the top of the website after clicking on the navigation

You can see my video here now:
Edit: Removed username/password for your security

Please give me answer about it as soon as possible.

Thank you, Péter

Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi pvonnak,

I am unable to reproduce the first issue that you mentioned. In my test content the navigation hotspot is on top of the image. If you don't mind please attach a sample content here with this issue.

For the second issue I filed a bug report so that the core team can fix it.