Install new releases on Wordpress

I'm new here.
How can I install the new releases „Find Multiple Hotspots“ and „Image Juxtaposition“ for H5P on Wordpress?
I found out, that I can download a .zip on Github, but how and where should I install this file on my Wordpress-site?
Thank you very much for any information. 
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Hi Barbara!

There's an easier way than doing everything manually via github. Just download one of the examples for "Multiple Hotspots" or "Image Juxtaposition" by clicking on the corresponding button below the content type. You can then upload the file to your WordPress system. Just go to create some new H5P content but then toggle the options to "upload". As of then, you should be able to create the new content types.

I don't think those two content types will become part of the official set that can be downloaded, but that's not a bad thing, because the H5P Hup is coming up soon (hopefully). I expect it to make dealing with content types much more flexible.

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Great answer :-)