H5PEditor.ColorSelector requires H5P 1.24. Only 1.20 is available for Moodle

Image Hotspots

My main question is when will the option to choose an icon for a hotspot be available in Moodle?

The tutorial https://h5p.org/tutorial-image-hotspots describes how to choose an icon for the hotspot. This does not appear to be an option in my instance.

I am using 1.20 in Moodle 3.5. When I tried to Update Image Hotspots "validating h5p package failed" and the error message said that 1.24 or higher is required for H5PEditor.ColorSelector.

Trying to answer this question has been difficult because I cannot find release notes or roadmap for H5P and Moodle that describes this feature. The latest version in the Moodle Plugins directory is 1.20.1. I read recently that H5P will be part of core Moodle in the future. Will the latest version of H5P be maintained as part of the core?

Where is the best place to track the features in H5P versions and the roadmap for H5P in Moodle?
Will H5P content types be updated to only show "Update available" when there is an actual update available?

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Hi Cristina,

The version that it is pertaining to is the core files of H5P not the plugin version. Updating the plugin should resolve this issue.

You are correct Moodle will use the latest version of H5P available. There isn't an actual release notes but this page provides an overview of the updates. There are also a newsletter sent to users for major updates.

For now the best place to track updates is the link above. 

You are correct only those that have an updated version will show "Update Available" button.