'Course Presentation' is ... ?

 I'm a 72 year old woman (director of Common Knowledge trust) and I am the one who will be using H5P.

1) We have two 'courses' on our www.birthingbetter.org website with multiple lessons. I want to learn how to use H5P to make these lessons more interactive. Does 'Course Presentation' mean we can bundle multiple 'lessons' into one course? Or is the 'course presentation' H5P only able to create one 'lesson' which is now a 'course'? Hope that's clear!

2) We do sell our courses and all sales return to our charitable trust. We use Woo. Can we still charge money using H5P?

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Course Presentation is only able to create one 'lesson'. It's analogous to a Powerpoint presentation that you can insert interactive content into. 

You can charge money for your courses if you use H5P as almost all of the code is licenced under the MIT licence:


Thanks for sending link about money. I'll follow up with that. I have a question about your first response.

Can you help me with hierarchy about courses and lessons. Top hierarchy is Course. Each Course has separate Topics. Each Topic has a number of separate Lessons. Can I use H5P to create 10 separate Lessons within 1 Topic? I think you are saying that I could make 10 powerpoint lessons (except they are much more interactive using H5P). Could you just please clarify. Thanks so much.

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Yes, H5P's are 'lessons'. 

The organization of 'lessons' into 'topics' and 'courses' depends on the system you're using. But from what I understand from your set up, H5P will be 'lesson' creator.