H5P Educators' Program

I've been thinking (laterally) about the H5P Supporter Program as discussed in the November 2019 Status Update and kicking around an idea about the possibility of an educators' program that H5P may support. Perhaps you already have a similar program or something in the works. This is just me spitballing (brainstorming). The idea is based generally on the Wikimedia Education Program, except aimed at computing faculty. In this conception, faculty use H5P as the basis for student programming projects in their course(s). Students benefit from the opportunity to work on "real life" projects that give back to the open-source community, and H5P potentially benefits from having a group of ready-made, future developers familiar with its protocol and processes. I've, in passing, floated such an idea for student projects using H5P with a few comp sci faculty, and there was at least a glimmer of interest as if they would think about it. It might be easier to promote the idea if there was an identified way to get support or a process in place rather than all the onus being on the faculty member to work out a whole process on their own. Anyways, just meant it as something to consider for the future...

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestion. There isn't any plans yet but I'll let the core team know of your suggestion.