H5P.com Reports of Free Text Question in Course Presentation

Hello, I am using h5p.com and have a course presentation with some slides. On these slides there is always an interactive video with multiple questions and different questions types.

  1. Create a Course Presentation with two slides on h5p.com. On both slides set an interactive video with some free text questions for example. After the tasks were answered only the questions on the first slide are in the report but not the questions on the second slide.
  2. H5P.com
  3. Desktop
  4. Browser: Firefox
  5. current H5P plugin version
  6. Course Presentation with Interactive Video
  7. No browser console errors
  8. No PHP errors
  9. The first picture shows every task in the report except the free text question on the second slide. You can only see the first three free text question on the first slide. The second and third picture shows you the free text questions on the slides.
  10. No
  11. No


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Hi esor,

THank you for reporting this, I filed a bug report to get this corrected.