Interactive video not working on IOS

It is so sad , since the new updates, interactive video doesn't work on ipads , iphones . In China

I tried different browsers, still no luck

Anyone else?

what to do?

any help appreciated

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Hi redphire,

Would you mind elaborating on "doesn't work"? Are you getting an error message or it is not loading at all? Does the video load but some of the activities doesn't load? Providing more details should help the community isolate the issue rather than checking everything in the content.


It says video format not supported

it says video format not supported

it says unsupported file format

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Hi redphire,

I believe this is related to this bug report.


Thank you so much, sorry for accidently posting the same reply a few times, I didn't notice the administration bar at the top. Also I will be more detailed in the future. ;-)

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Hi redphire,

Don't worry about it :-). Just a tip if you are reporting an issue with H5P follow the format suggested in this forum place as many information as possible that are relevant to the issue.


Hello, can anyone tell me what is the format of an interactive video content on hp5?

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It's H5P :-) It's not a regular video format like mp4 or webm anymore.