single-choice set: first option highlighted

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  1. When completing a question set consisting of single choice questions, all answer choices are grey, and turn pink upon mouseover. The first question in the set displays perfectly. However, in all subsequent questions (single set questions), the first option is already pink, making it stand out, unlike the other choices.
  2. Platform: Wordpress, 
  3. BOTH Mobile and Desktop
  4. Browser: Chrome
  5. H5P plugin Version 1.7.13
  6. H5P content type version Single Choice Set (1.8.1)
  7. Screenshots if it's a visual problem
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We are familiar with this. It is for people using keyboard navigation (accessibility). We will reconsider how this may be done. Any ideas?

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I am still unclear as to the justification.  The first question in the set does not have the pink highlighting, and I see how a keyboard-only  user can make a selection by clicking the Tab button and then using the up and down arrows.  Why wouldn't such users be able to do this for subsequent questions?
Thank you for your reply,

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They could, but the current behavior provides keyboard users with a better user experience.