Display options settings - no "Re-use" is not possible

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I've realized the forums in h5p.org are more active than the dedicated Moodle forum, so I place my question here, too.

Is there a way to activate the "Embed" option of an activity but not the "Re-use" option? I was quite sure I could do this some months ago, but now I cannot combine those options - is either none of them or both of them (s. screenshot). I use Moodle 3.5.x.

The settings I use are shown in the second screenshot- although the option "Allow download" is disabled, the Reuse option is displayed. I've tried disabling "Display action bar and frame" only, but then no option is displayed.

I know that without access to H5P the "Copy" or "Download" options are quite irrelevant, but I don't like our materials to be so explicitly public.


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Hi Beatriz!

Have you checked your content with a "student" role or similar? If you deactivate the download option, then the "Reuse" button should only be present if the user has the capability to edit content, e.g. a "teacher" role.


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That was it :) Thanks Oliver!