Epic Win

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Just upgraded to new H5P in WP. So gorgeous. With Question Set in the Number One spot too!

Excellent birds.



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I'm happy to hear that you like what you see! :)

- Tom

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Are you guys sending a rep to this? You know, probably, that Lynda.com was bought by LinkedIn which was bought by Microsoft (December 2016) . It's a HUGE installed user base. I'd say it's a competition thing, rather than a collaboration thing - but there's a lot of network in them there hills.

. . .

You might want to use an NDLA business card.

Deadline for registration (aka requesting an invite) was April 9, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't apply to H5P.org -- or NDLA.

Of course, April 20 is the day after tomorrow. So that might feel a little like too late. It's 14:23 Oslo time as I write this - from where a transatlantic flight to Chicago takes more than 10.5 hours . . .but sometimes developers love that kind of crap. :-)


There's a third leg happening in NYC on the 28th - a week from Friday! 8.5 hours and a direct flight. If you can do both, there are LOT's of really great things to see and do in Chicago and NYC while you're at it.

It's probably worth mentioning that the conference itself is free.

If Ed Cooke is going, you guys could meet up and double your fun. If Automattic isn't going, they're really dropping the ball.

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Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately we are not going to any of these conferences.

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. . . Lynda is essentially office productivity content, not a big win, per se, for the LMS/Humanities vector. I doubt their next big purchase will be Khan Academy, Barbara Mindshift Oakley notwithstanding. Still. It promises to be an interesting crowd. A fly on the wall would have been fun . . .

If such a fly is cruising this Forum, BTW, I hope you'll speak up.

Meanwhile, if Microsoft's next big shopping spree turns out to be Blizzard, I think we can be pretty sure both China and the US Navy will be falling over each other to upgrade from XP.