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Hi all,

I've spend hours creating a piece of content using the course presentation tool using a moodle plugin HP5.  Now I need to create a very similiar one and want to copy to use as a template.  I can't see a way to copy it.  When I backup/restore the course it doesn't backup/restory any of the H5P content.  Is there a way to do this?


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Can't you tick "Display buttons" on moodle, which would allow you to also tick "Download button" which in turn would display exactly that below your content? If you can, then you also can use it to download content and then upload it to any other H5P environment, e.g. your own again.


I am trying to do the same ie use an h5p file in several Moodle courses. I downloaded the original as you suggested but the upload to Moodle produces this message:

Could not validate H5P file.

Make sure the uploaded H5P contains valid H5P content. H5P files containing only libraries should be uploaded through the H5P Libraries page.

I have tried uploading to my h5p account, but I cannot make that work either: I must be uploading in the wrong place because I see "Invalid video file format. Use mp4 or webm."

I would like to be able to have a working copy of my Moodle activities for the days when Moodle isn't working (but is!)

Can you help?

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I am really not an expert when it comes to the moodle plugin, sorry. From your description, I can only guess what might be the problem. You might be trying to upload the file in the wrong place. I think you might receive those messages if you have a package of libraries but are trying to upload them within the H5P Hub or within a content type, see questions below.

"Could not validate H5P file. Make sure the uploaded H5P contains valid H5P content. H5P files containing only libraries should be uploaded through the H5P Libraries page."

Where/how did you download the file and where did you try to upload it?

"Invalid video file format. Use mp4 or webm."

Did you try to upload the file on the H5P library page within the moodle settings or as a video file in a content type such as interactive video?

I downloaded my h5p file from my original h5p activity in Moodle, via the 'download' which appears below the video (see screenshot). Then I uploaded it to Moodle inside a new h5p interactive video activity. I also tried with an h5p interactive video downloaded from here, the h5p website, with the same result.

I don't really understand what is meant by 'library', in fact.

I tried to upload my original file to this website as an h5p interactive video file.

Thank you for your help.

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As far as I see, you did everything correctly and this should work. I think the core team will be able to help you better than I could.

Ok, thank you for looking into this.

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Hi enib,

I would assume that you have Closed Captioning/VTT file included in the Course Presentation or Interactive Video. Previously VTT is not included in the whitelist of files that you can upload. With the recent release this is part of the whitelisted files, so updating CP and IV in Moodle should do the trick.

If you do not have closed captioning or updating CP and IV does not resolve it please provide us the H5P file so that we can take a look at it.



Yes, you're right. Without the subtitle file, the upload works fine, in Moodle and here. I've asked our Moodle administrator to update the plug-in and I'll confirm here that the problem has been solved.

Fortunately, the activity still works in Moodle, even with subtitles.

Thanks for your help.

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That't great enib! Just re-upload the VTT files once you are done uploading the content without it. Don't hesitate to post if you have any other concerns.


Its really obvious when you see it!  Thanks.  I guess I was looking for the same process as other moodle modules. 

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Happens to everyone from time to time ;-) Glad your problem is solved.

 "Fill in the Blanks" tool does not work at moment. Can anybody check and help? Thanks!

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Hi Nolate,

What exactly are you encountering? Are you unable to create contents? Contents that you created previously are not working as expected?