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just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem (see attached image) where the text sizing and colours do not work (maybe it's my computer?).


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Hi Akaskens,

I'm having problems reproducing your bug. Can you give me some more info?

  • Which system are you on (Drupal, WordPress, Moodle)
  • Which browser are you using
  • If you press F12 on your keyboard, and select Console, is there any error messages you can copy to this forum?

 - Tom

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Yes I am having the same problem. I am using Chrome and working on a Mac. I am trying to create a Course presentation on the H5p.org site and when I try and select Heading 2 or 3 the drop down box doesn't appear but it merely flickers. I have now moved to Safari and it is working OK in there. Seems to be a Chrome issue. Actually had problems typing into this forum too.

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I have not been able to reproduce this problem using Chrome 57, 58 and 59 on Mac. Probably this is seen on an older version opf the browser. Solution should be to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser you are using!

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First, you should make sure that your browser is up-to-date. In most browsers, you can find this under 'Help' and 'About <browsername>' section in the menu.

Secondly, try using the tool without any browser extensions enabled as these may interfere with text fields. This can easily be tested using the 'Incognito Mode' (Ctrl+Shift+N in Chrome) or 'Private Browsing' as this will disable any extensions you've added.