Moodle self-hosted H5p activities are not displayed after embedding them into lesson pages


I have created several h5p activities prior to embedding them to a moodle lesson. After embedding a few activities throughout the pages within the lesson, I ve realised these are not displayed at all.

However if I host these activities on a third party site like, embedding them works fine.

I am running apache -Centos 7 server- upon which I mounted Moodle 3.7. I have checked some of the troubleshooting documentation regarding php extensions and files and couldn't find anything. Any thoughts?

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Hi abraxiano,

Do you see any error messages? If you go to the browser console do you have any errors there?



thank you for replying so promptly,

I did get an error message from the console, please see below

As reported in the console, it is an x frame issue. 

I fixed by appending the following onto the httpd.conf file <Header always append X-Frame-Options "sameorigin">

then restarted apache <systemctl restart httpd>

and doubled checked if the new directive worked using a web utility <>

Thank u